Lukashenko: Russia's WTO accession will not hurt Belarus

OSTROVETS DISTRICT. August 10. KAZINFORM President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that Russia's accession to the WTO will not have a bad impact on Belarusian enterprises and the economy as a whole BelTA.

"Of course, Russia's accession to WTO will not go unnoticed for our producers and the economy. We will have to work even harder and at lower costs. Nothing more is needed. We have enormous reserves," the President said.

Talking about products from the WTO countries, Alexander Lukashenko noted that they have long made their way to Russia, and respectively, to the Customs Union. "Our products have been competing with them there for a decade already. And we have won this competition," said the Belarusian leader.

"We can compete. But for us not to lose the ground that we have, we must reduce costs and improve the quality of what we produce, and this is what we are doing already. The electricity that will be produced by the future nuclear power plant will be half cheaper, and this too will help us reduce costs," the President believes.

Besides, Alexander Lukashenko recalled that while entering the WTO Russia undertook to support Kazakhstan and Belarus in this regard: "We discussed this issue both with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev." 

According to the head of state, Russia also received fairly good preferences in agriculture and industry, and other fields. "These are our preferences too. Sooner or later, if we want to get something from the WTO, we, once we join them, will still have to compete with them. I mean this stage will help our country and economy get prepared for accession to the WTO. So there is no need to demonize it. We will still have to compete with them and we are doing it already," he said. 

"You know what they do when they run out of methods of reasonable competition: they apply sanctions and so on. We have never had it easy. Therefore we need to be creative, see our destiny and picture it in bright colors. Everything will be Ok. We will continue to fight on all fronts and protect our people. I do not see any catastrophe here," the head of state said.

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