M. Mann: EU does not need negotiations for negotiations, it needs a concrete result

ALMATY. February 26. KAZINFORM "Our new proposal addresses the concerns of the international community over Iran's nuclear program, but it also meets the ideas that have been expressed by the Iranian side", stated Michael Mann, a spokesman for the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, at the press conference in Almaty to launch the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program.

M. Mann also said that despite some progress and taking into account the opinion of the Iranian side expressed earlier, he does not expect an instant solution.

"This is a negotiation process, and we are committed to creating confidence-building measures with the Iranians. We have prepared a good basis for negotiations, and what will be the result of these talks, to a larger extent, depends on the response of Iran to our proposal. So, now everything is in the hands of the Iranians ", added M. Mann.

He stressed that the EU is not interested in negotiating just for talks. "We are here to make concrete progress," said M. Mann.

As it has been previously reported Almaty hosts the meeting to discuss Iran's nuclear program.

The talks are attended by representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the EU and six world powers - China, the U.S., Russia, France, Britain and Germany.

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