Madinah's historic Qiblatain Mosque draws daily crowds of worshipers and visitors

Madinah's Historic Qiblatain Mosque Draws Daily Crowds of Worshipers and Visitors
Photo credit: SPA

Historic mosques in Madinah are drawing a large number of visitors who come to pray and learn about their rich history associated with the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), SPA reports..

The Qiblatain Mosque, located five kilometers west of the Prophet's Mosque, is particularly popular among visitors. It has a significant historical site as it is linked to the event of changing the direction of the Qiblah to the Holy Kaaba during the Dhuhr prayer, where the Prophet (peace be upon him) was praying. This event holds great importance in Islamic history.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) captured scenes of worshippers and visitors flocking to the Qiblatain Mosque, where umbrellas have been installed in the outer courtyards to provide shade from the sun. The Madinah Region Development Authority, along with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance in Madinah, and charitable associations, are actively involved in providing services and support to worshippers.
The mosque is currently undergoing construction and expansion to enhance its facilities and increase its capacity, accommodating up to 3,000 worshippers. The project includes adding various services, constructing a cultural center connected to the mosque, developing outdoor pedestrian areas, installing electric stairs and elevators for convenient movement between the mosque and upper courtyards, and improving accessibility to the surrounding roads.
The development projects and increasing visitor numbers highlight the significance of these historic mosques in Madinah. They serve as reminders of the Prophet's life and teachings, attracting visitors seeking spiritual connection and a deeper understanding of Islamic history.

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