Makkah ready with comprehensive plan for Ramadan

JEDDAH. KAZINFORM The Makkah Secretariat has prepared a comprehensive plan to intensify municipal services in view of the large number of visitors and Umrah pilgrims thronging the holy city during Ramadan.

“The secretariat has defined the tasks and responsibilities of each department, along with continuous work of all the other central departments and sub-municipalities,” Makkah Mayor Osama Al-Bar told local media.

He said that officials have been told to personally supervise the work and ensure top quality services.
“The plan was based on intensifying the work, especially in crowded areas such as the central area, shops and commercial centers and neighborhoods surrounding the Grand Mosque,” said Al-Bar.
“All this is aimed at achieving quality control and the safety of food products and water. At the same time, due attention will be paid to continuously clear garbage in areas where Umrah pilgrims stay or frequent,” he said.
The mayor said the municipality will control vendors in the area surrounding the Grand Mosque and monitor the slaughterhouses besides maintaining streetlights and other municipal utilities.
“A total of 11,825 workers, equipped with more than 850 cleaning equipment, will work around the clock to keep the city clean. In addition to this, a number of transitional stations to collect waste within the sub-municipalities will operate along with special teams to eliminate insects and mosquitoes to prevent dengue or other diseases. More than 900 technicians and specialists in the field, equipped with more than 1,000 devices and spraying machines, will be working in this area,” said the mayor.
“All these teams will work in two shifts — morning and evening — and work around the clock.”
In the area of environmental health, Al-Bar said, a number of field committees have been formed to monitor commercial centers and stores that sell food and ensure that they meet the health standards.
Source: The Arab News

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