Maryland to hold news conference on Mega Millions lottery winner

ANNAPOLIS. April 10. KAZINFORM Maryland Lottery officials plan a news conference Tuesday, a day after announcing that the holder of a winning ticket in a Mega Millions drawing has come forward, CNN reported.

Three winning tickets were sold nationally in the drawing, which had a record $656 million payout. One ticket was sold in Kansas, another in Illinois and a third in Maryland.

The Kansas winner came forward last week, but chose to remain anonymous. In Illinois, no winner has come forward, but the ticket holder has a year to do so. The state does not allow winners to remain anonymous.

The holder of the Maryland ticket does not want to be identified, so no winner will be present at the news conference, said Carole Everett, a spokeswoman for the state lottery.

When asked whether there was more than one winner, she responded: "Perhaps." No other details were immediately available.

Last week, Mirlande Wilson, 37, of Baltimore, sparked nationwide attention when she claimed to have the winning ticket.

Wilson later said she was looking for the ticket.

At the time, Everett said she didn't "put much stock in that story."

"She claims she won," Everett said last week. "She can't produce a ticket. ... In our opinion, until they walk in that door, hold that ticket, produce valid identification and our security people can process and validate it, it doesn't matter."

Everett declined to comment Monday on whether Wilson is the winning ticker holder.

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