Milan-Astana flight can be launched in future

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - A direct flight between Milan and Astana can be opened in future, Mayor of Italian Milan Giuliano Pisapia said at the press conference today.

"We want to organize the week of Astana in Milan in 2016 when the EXPO in Milan is over. It will allow to better introduce the city and the country to all Italians and show them what the EXPO in Astana is going to be like. Besides, it will help in terms of tourism. Thus, the fact that Astana and Milan do not have a direct flight is a problem. As soon as I return to Milan I will start working on opening this flight as long as it can significantly help to increase the inflow of tourists and visitors willing to see the EXPO-2017. It is beneficial for both countries," he added.

He also informed that a big agreement aimed at addressing such a problem as famine would be signed in Milan on October 16. Almost the entire

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