Military frequencies to be used in civil sector

ANA.  October 29. KAZINFORM  /Kanat Kulshmanov/ Head of Kazakhstan's Government Karim Massimov gave several tasks to the Ministry of Defense and the Agency for Informatization and Communication today.

In particular, Karim Massimov urged the Ministry and IC Agency to transfer the military frequencies to the civil sector and develop the 3G sector by the end of the year. "I watched Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speaking at a conference on this issue yesterday. We have common problems in this direction", he noted.

As earlier reported, today the PM is participating in the IV International Conference on "Initiatives of the e-Government-2009".

3G is the third generation technologies of mobile communication - a set of services that combines high speed mobile access to the Internet and radio communication which provides for data transfer channel.

3G includes 5 standards of  IMT-2000 (UMTS/WCDMA, CDMA2000/IMT-MC, TD-CDMA/TD-SCDMA (China's standard), DECT and UWC-136).

UMTS (or W-CDMA) and CDMA2000 (IMT-MC) are most widely used; they are based on the CDMA technology (Code Division Multiple Access). It is also possible to the use the CDMA450 standard.

The 3G networks ensure high environmental security: the radiant power of the transmitter is much lower than that in other standards: the peak is 200 mW.


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