Mongolia to found University of Academy of Science

Mongolia to found University of Academy of Science
Photo credit: MONTSAME

During its regular session on May 15, 2024, the Cabinet resolved to issue a Resolution on Measures to Develop Science and Technology, MONTSAME reports.

The resolution aims at preparing human resources in science, technology, and innovation, ensuring opportunities for continuous development, providing social guarantees, empowering the workforce, incorporating the results of academic research into production and services, and fostering the adoption of advanced international technologies in Mongolia. Accordingly, Minister of Education and Science of Mongolia Enkh-Amgalan Luvsantseren was tasked with developing and approving the policy direction and plan for the technology transfer in the sector and ensuring its implementation.

The University will be built upon the material and human resources of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences to prepare specialized human resources in leading fields of science and technology, strengthen national capabilities, and intensify interdisciplinary research and development. Also, Minister Enkh-Amgalan and President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Regdel Duger were instructed to develop, approve, and oversee the management, coordination, and organization of professional courses, programs, and plans for the Universities of the Academy of Sciences in cooperation with relevant universities.

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