Most COVID-19 patients unvaccinated in Almaty city

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - Almaty region recorded 352 COVID-19 cases from June 16 to 28, Kazinform cites the city's administration office.

352 people, of whom 222 or 63% did not get the vaccine, contracted the COVID-19 virus in the city during June 16-28. The city has recorded a total of 55,322 COVID-19 cases since the start of 2022.

According to the joint order of Almaty city's public health office and sanitary-epidemiological control department, the number of COVID-19 beds has risen to 135 in the city.

As of this morning, 48 patients with COVID-19 were treated at the hospitals in the city. They included 10 pregnant women who did not get the vaccine. 269 patients, of whom almost 80% are unvaccinated, are put in quarantine at home.

The Stealth omicron, which circulates and leads to growth in the number of infections, is responsible for most of the recent cases in Almaty.

As of today, 96 COVID-19 vaccination sites offering QazVac, Vero Cell, and Pfizer vaccines operate in the city.

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