Almaty records highest jobless rate in Kazakhstan

Photo credit: Viktor Fedyunin/Kazinform

451,500 jobless were recorded in Kazakhstan in the third quarter of 2023 that is 1.7% less as compared to 2022, Kazinform News Agency learnt from Finprom.

The highest number of jobless was reported in Almaty with 52,600 people, followed by Turkistan with 41,700 and Almaty regions with 34,400. The least unemployed were registered in Ulytau region with 4,500 people, 13,500 in North Kazakhstan region, and 14.500 in Abai region.

The unemployment rate in Kazakhstan made 4.7% against 4.9% recorded a year earlier.

The level of unemployment directly depends on education. The university-educated people constitute 3.8% of the jobless, 3.6% have vocational education and training, while 45.3% fall on people with elementary level of education.

In the second and third quarters of 2023, the unemployment rate in Kazakhstan reached its historic low over the years of independence. The experts claim that there is a hidden unemployment problem in Kazakhstan because some of the employees are low-end workers and in fact may be regarded as jobless.

According to the Global Economy Journal, the global unemployment rate in 2022 was much higher than in Kazakhstan. Turkiye's unemployment rate was about 10%, 9.5% in Brazil, 7.5 in France, 7.4% in Sweden, 6.8% in Finland, and 5.6% in Estonia.

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