Motorized suitcase rider referred to prosecutors for 1st time in Japan

Photo: Kyodo

Japanese police on Wednesday stressed to the public that riders of electric motorized suitcases must have a driver's license after a Chinese woman became the first person to be referred to prosecutors for unlicensed riding, Kyodo reports. 

The three-wheeled suitcase the woman used can travel at a maximum speed of 13 kilometers per hour, the police said, adding that in Japan such vehicles are classified the same as mopeds with engine displacements of 50 cc or less.

The woman in her 30s who studies in Japan was referred to prosecutors on Tuesday after she allegedly rode her suitcase on a sidewalk in Osaka on March 31, the police said.

The woman purchased the suitcase on a Chinese website and said she did not know she required a license, according to the police.

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