Motorola to cut 4,000 jobs in Google restructure

LONDON. August 13. KAZINFORM Motorola Mobility, the once-dominant but now ailing mobile handset maker, has told its staff that it is cutting 20% of its staff - about 4,000 people - and wlll close about a third of its 94 worldwide offices.

Two-third of the job losses will come outside the US, according to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal's AllThingsD website, which were briefed on the plans ahead of their announcement.

The company now plans to build high-end phones with sensors to detect people's entry into rooms, longer-lived batteries, higher-quality cameras and is recruiting artificial intelligence and supply chain experts to that end.

The moves are the first signs of a complete reorganisation under the ownership of the search giant Google, which completed its $12.5bn acquisition of Motorola Mobility (MMI) in May, and appointed its own Dennis Woodside to run the company, displacing Sanjay Jha, who had run it since August 2008.

Motorola once dominated the phone business, but the arrival of smartphones and particularly the iPhone hit its business, Kazinform has learnt from the Guardian.

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