yn Sengirbekuly (1859-1954) was a zhyrau, akyn, author of famous epic work 'Forty Heroes of Crimea'.

He was born in Mangystau municipality of Mangystau region. His real name was Tlegen, he was from Aday stem of Small Zhuz.

His father Sengirbek and grandfather Muryn Zhyrau were iron-burners and jewelers. In 30es he organized his forging shop. When he was 18 years old he was known as akyn. Together with Nurym, Shyrshygululy, Murat Monkeuly, Kashagan Kurzhimanuly. Aktan Kereiuly he travelled to the lands of Uzbek and Karakalpak people and was known as performer of epos of Nogay period.

'Forty Heroes of Crimea' is a historical-poetic chronicle of XIV-XVII centuries about nations which lived on the territory from Crimea peninsula to Altay Mountains. Despite the fact the work is in the form of a legend it is based on historical events which took place in Crimea, Mangyshlak, Turan, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

In 1942 despite hard times of the Great Patriotic War Muryn Zhyrau was invited to Almaty city to record 36 eposes which entered the 'Forty Heroes of Crimea'.

The plot of the epos is dedicated to the praise of heroic life of Edyge, founder of Nogay Orda, outstanding commander and state figure, historical person who lived at the end of XIV - beginning of XV centuries.

The idea of the epos is the protection of independence of country, hymning of struggle against foreign invaders, glorification of unit and solidarity of nation.

Muryn Zhyau died on August, 29, 1954. he was buried near Fort-Shevchenko in Seidi Islam-Ata Necropolis. 

In 1989 his grateful compatriots reconstructed his forge shop and opened his museum. This year Muryn Zhyrau has 150th anniversary.


Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 4.



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