N Kazakhstan rgn sees upward trend in daily COVID-19 cases

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZIFORM – North Kazakhstan region has logged 141 fresh COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, Kazinform correspondent reports.

36 fresh daily COVID-19 infections have been reported in Petropavlovsk city, 17 cases in M. Zhumabayev district, 16 in Zhambyl district, 15 in Kyzylzhar district, 10 in Taiynshinsk district. Yessil and G.Musrepov districts have reported nine daily cases each, Mamlyutsk district – seven, Akkaiynsk district – six, Shal akyn, Timiryasevsk, and Aiyrtausk district – five each, and Ualikhanovsk district – one.

Of the 141, 133 are with symptoms. Four cases were detected as part of epidemiological control and others after undergoing tests for epidemiological indications.

The region’s labs have conducted 858 COVID-19 PCR tests in the past 24 hours.

As of this morning, a total of 244,576 people have been administered the first component of COVID-19 vaccine and 224,916 – both components.

The tougher quarantine measures have been in place in the region since October 9. The region is in the «red zone» for the coronavirus infection.

Recall that the vaccination campaign kicked off across Kazakhstan on February 1, 2021. Kazakhstani healthcare workers were the first in line to get the vaccine against the coronavirus infection. Overall vaccination started on April 2, 2021. Citizens of Kazakhstan eligible for vaccination and willing to vaccinate can choose from a number of anti-COVID vaccines, including the homegrown QazVac vaccine.

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