N. Nazarbayev: Power means responsibility

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Power means a lot of responsibility, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev noted.

"Power is responsibility. The more power you have the more responsibility is placed on you. As a president I do not have any free time, like all the other presidents. On my off days, vacations, during the day and at night I am duty," N. Nazarbayev said in his interview on Russia 24 TV channel.

The Head of State also answered the question how he felt on the threshold of his 75 th birthday.

"Speaking briefly, I feel positive. Thanks God, peace and accord are in our country. Even presidential elections, which were not on anybody's plans, were held this year. The result as you all now was stunning. It also inspires. Any politician will understand me," he added.

According to him, his parents taught me hard-working, honesty and respect.

"The number 75 is quite serious. The question is why we say that everything is gone so fast in this life? Because we have only the brightest moments in our memory to keep from the entire life. When we young we see life like through binoculars, but backwards, we see a lot of years ahead. Later in life we see how fast everything went by," the President pondered.

The President also noted that the energy given him by his parents he still had.

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