NASA delays astronaut moon landing to 2026

Photo: NASA

NASA announced Tuesday that it is delaying its first human moon landing to 2026, saying safety is a "top priority," Anadolu reports. 

The space agency said in a statement that it is targeting 2025 for its Artemis II mission, which involves sending four astronauts in a trip around the moon, and 2026 for Artemis III, which is planned to land the first astronauts near the lunar South Pole, marking humanity’s first return to the lunar surface in more than 50 years.

"We are returning to the moon in a way we never have before, and the safety of our astronauts is NASA’s top priority as we prepare for future Artemis missions," NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in the statement.

For the mission’s delay, NASA officials cited "crew safety" concerns, including the spacecraft's batteries and electrical system and next-generation spacesuits.

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