National Bank of Kazakhstan launches sales of UEFA EURO 2024 commemorative coins

National Bank
Collectible coins devoted to the European football championship. Photo credit:

The National Bank of Kazakhstan kicks off sales of UEFA EURO 2024 collectible coins on April 23, reports Kazinform News Agency correspondent citing the bank’s press service.

The transactions will commence via the online store at

The coin, which is minted for 100 tenge, is crafted from 925 silver and features advanced relief techniques and gilding. It weighs 20 grams and measures 32 milimeters in diameter and is offered in proof and anti-proof quality grades.

The circulation of the coin is limited to 2,500 pieces, with 1,500 available for domestic purchase and 1,000 pieces intended for international sales.

The National Bank has introduced various collectible and investment coins in denominations of 500, 200, and 100 tenge since the beginning of the year.

In February 2024, the bank launched sales of the TÚIE coin from the Cult Animals - Totems of Nomads series and the BALQASH ALABUǴASY from the Flora and Fauna of Kazakhstan series via its online store.

The TÚIE coins, composed of blending silver and cupronickel with diamond inlays, were produced in varying quantities: 5,000 for 500 tenge, 10,000 for 200 tenge, and 30,000 for 100 tenge.

Additionally, as of March 2024, the National Bank’s online store offers the AI•KÚN (Moon-Sun) coins from the Magic Symbols series and a Snow Leopard souvenir set.

The AI•KÚN coins, valued at 500 tenge, feature 925 silver with high relief, gilding, and double-sided oxidation, available in a mintage of 3,000 pieces. The Snow Leopard set includes a volume of 30,000 sets.

In January, the National Bank showcased the KOKBÓRI investment coins at the World Money Fair in Berlin. This presentation highlighted the newly rebranded ALTYN BARYS and KÚMIS BARYS coins, available in denominations from 10 to 500 tenge and styled in the Cult Animals – Totems of Nomads theme.

The National Bank received numerous international awards for craftsmanship, design and technological innovation for producing coins of superior quality.

Participants of the annual World Money Fair, a well-known numismatic event on a global scale, include central banks, mints, coin-producing companies, and modern designers. The National Bank has participated in the fair annually since 2000.

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