National Dombra Day celebrated in Kuala Lumpur

National Dombra Day celebrated in Kuala Lumpur
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On July 7, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Malaysia organized a solemn celebration of the National Dombra Day in the main hall of a vibrant business complex in the center of Kuala Lumpur on July 5-6. The event was graced by the presence of Deputy Speaker of the Senate of Malaysia Nur Jazlan, the leadership of the Tourism Malaysia Agency, local residents, diplomats, expats and the Kazakh diaspora, the press service of the Kazakh MFA  reported on July 10.

During the event, Kazakh dombra artists performed a concert featuring some of the most esteemed compositions of folk music and national dances. An exhibition showcasing paintings of Kazakhstan’s natural landscapes and infrastructure, traditional Kazakh clothing, cultural artifacts, and cuisine was also organized.

On the threshold of the V World Nomad Games, an exhibition of traditional archery was held with the support of the Malaysian Cyberjaya Traditional Archery Club. This exhibition highlighted the mastery of traditional archery, a skill deeply embedded in the history of the Kazakhs and an integral part of Malaysian culture as well.

In his welcoming speech, Guest of Honor Abdul Hadi Che Man, Deputy Director of the Tourism Malaysia Agency, noted the importance of cultural exchange between the two nations. He also stressed that the peoples of Kazakhstan and Malaysia share common values and expressed hope for further strengthening of cooperation in the spirit of friendship and partnership.

The event was aimed at strengthening cultural ties between Kazakhstan and Malaysia, and to promote the rich heritage of Kazakh culture, with the dombra as its main symbol. The visitors remarked on the uniqueness of Kazakh music and the profound history of nomadic culture.

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