National Medical Holding plans to perform heart transplantation surgery by yearend

ASTANA. August 9. KAZINFORM A cardiac transplantation is planned to be made in one of the clinics of the National Medical Center this year, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Holding Lyazzat Akrtayeva said in her interview for

"Totally, 41 innovative technologies are planned to be introduced this year, the main of them is transplantation of organs. We plan to transplant a heart and kidneys from a donor," L.Aktayeva said.

She also emphasized the readiness of the National Science Cardiac Surgery Center to perform heart transplantation surgeries. However, it is necessary to develop cadaveric donation of organs for this purpose.

"The process of a donor organ recovery, maintenance of donor organs, preparation of a recipient is quite time consuming. However, the Center has all necessary resources for it. In case things go round as they are expected, we will introduce this technology by the yearend," she added.

It is worth noting that a kidneys transplantation surgery - minimally invasive endoscopic surgery on kidney transplantation was held in the Center for Medical Emergency Care.

Totally, 10 new treatment and diagnostic technologies were introduced over the past half year. These are neirostimulation of the spinal cord,percutaneous prosthesis of the aortic valve of the heart, cardiac minimally invasive surgeries, renal denervation in case of resistant arterial hypertension resisting medical treatment.

Besides, specialists of the Center of Motherhood and Childhood undertake internships in one of the Korean universities to master transplantation of kidneys of children with chronic kidney disease. The training is conducted with the participation of an anesthesiologist, nephrologist, urologist, i.e. all doctors involved in an operation.

According to L.Aktayeva, 110 innovative technologies of treatment and diagnostics of different diseases have been introduced in the clinics of the holding since 2008. "Our patients had to go abroad for thee services before, now they have an opportunity to receive treatment in the clinics of our holding," the Deputy CEO emphasized.


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