National Science Academy of Kazakhstan supports initiative to hold early presidential elections in 2015

ALMATY. KAZIFORM - The National Science Academy of Kazakhstan supports the initiative on holding early presidential elections in 2015, president of the academy Murat Zhurinov said at the sitting of the academy in Almaty today.

"The analysis of political and economic situation in the country shows that there are two serious reasons to support this initiative. First of all, it is a legal part of the question. Holding of presidential elections and parliamentary elections during the same year contradicts the norms of the Constitution. We need to make a choice. It is also obvious that presidential elections have greater importance for the society and country. The second reason is the difficult economic situation in the world. Kazakhstan is in close cooperation with Russia that has some problems because of the sanctions of western countries. These measures hurt the economy of Russia as well as its close partners. Presently, Kazakhstan is one of the prosperous countries of Central Asia. The GDP of our country exceeds the combined GDP of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan," M. Zhurinov said.

He also noted that Kazakhstan developed an anti-crisis program called "Nurly-Zhol" in advance, and the National Fund is going to finance implementation of the program. It is aimed at implementation of big infrastructural projects, development of small and medium-sized business, creation and preserving of jobs.

"Besides, Kazakhstan began implementation of the second phase of the State Program on Accelerated Industrial-Innovative Development. Despite the complicated situation in the world, Kazakhstan has peace, stability and accord," the head of the Academy said.

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