NATO Secretary General's Special Representative offers Nauryz congratulations

BRUSSELS. March 22. KAZINFORM Special Representative of the NATO Secretary General for Central Asia and the Caucasus James Appathurai in an interview with Kazakh journalists in Brussels on behalf of NATO congratulated Kazakhstan on Nauryz holiday.

"On behalf of NATO, NATO Secretary General and myself, I want to congratulate you on Nauryz holiday and wish all the best to Kazakhstan and the countries that celebrate this day. Today in Brussels, different people gathered to celebrate this holiday together. The spirit of this holiday brings together different people and their families. It is an honor to join the celebration," Appathurai noted.

NATO Secretary General's Special Representative also noted that the Alliance considers Central Asia as a strategically important region. "Only the fact that NATO has appointed a special representative for Central Asia only, suggests that this region is very important to us. It is important not only because together we solve problems in Afghanistan, but it is also important for many other reasons. Currently, the NATO mission in Afghanistan comes to an end, but we will continue to be partners with Kazakhstan," he emphasized.

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