Nato troops killed by man dressed in Afghan army uniform

KABUL. March 26. KAZINFORM A man wearing an Afghan army uniform has shot and killed two international service members, according to Nato.

The attack happened at a military base in the south of the country, a statement by the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said.

The attacker was killed by coalition troops, Isaf said. The nationalities of the soldiers have not been released.

The incident comes after 17 Afghan civilians were killed in an attack for which a US soldier has been charged.

An official in the Afghan defence ministry told the BBC that the attack happened in Helmand province, and that the attacker was an Afghan soldier.

A spokesman for the governor of Helmand said the shooting followed a "verbal clash" between Afghan and Nato soldiers, and that the Afghan involved was from Kunar province.

Lt Col Jimmie Cummings, the Isaf spokesman in Kabul, told the BBC: "An individual wearing an Afghan national army uniform turned his weapon against Isaf force service members in southern Afghanistan today, killing two of our service members.

"The individual who opened fire was killed when coalition forces returned fire, and right now a joint Afghan and Isaf team are investigating this."

The attack appears to be the latest in a number of "green on blue" incidents - where members of the Afghan security forces turn their weapons on their international colleagues or trainers.

The number of these incidents has risen since the inadvertent burning of Korans at a US base in February.

Tensions were inflamed further by the killing of 17 Afghan civilians earlier this month.

US Staff Sgt Robert Bales, 38, has been charged with killing nine Afghan children and eight adults in their homes in Kandahar province on 11 March.

He could face the death penalty if convicted.

The case has undermined US relations with Kabul and led to calls for Nato to speed up its planned withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Sgt Bales' trial could take years, contrasting with Afghan demands for swift and decisive justice.

The Taliban called off peace talks in the wake of the deadly rampage.

 Source: BBC

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