Nauryz celebrations held on Kazakh Eli square in Astana

ASTANA. March 22. KAZINFORM Today on the square near the monument "Kazakh Eli" is held a festive event in connection with Nauryz holiday, where President Nursultan Nazarbayev is taking part as an honorary guest.

The vast space of the square is decorated in the colors that symbolize spring and renewal. An ethno aul offers guests and citizens of Astana the festive meal, including nauryz-kozhe, pilaf, baursaks, hot tea with sweets. The area around the stage is decorated with constructions in the form of tulips. On both sides of the square there are symmetrically installed yurts.

The theatrical performance "Zher-Kok" will be attended by 400 people. The main poetic image of the performance, according to organizers, will be the awakening steppe dressed in soft greens and bright colors of early flowers. Old nomadic people, who inhabited Saryarka,  compared this time with the breath of the earth.

Celebration on the square "Kazakh Eli" will be ended by the concert.


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