Nazarbayev congratulates Kazakhstanis on Easter

ASTANA. April 14. KAZINFORM Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on the Easter Holiday. Kazinform offers the text of the President's congratulatory message.

Dear Kazakhstanis!

             I heartily congratulate you on a bright and joyous Easter!

            Together with the Orthodox Christians all Kazakhstanis celebrate Easter. People of different ethnic groups and beliefs live and work in our country for the good of the motherland. And we all with due respect celebrate religious holidays such as Easter, Kurban Ait, Christmas, Ramadan and others.

            These sacred dates are to us all the lessons of the greatest love of man. They fill our lives, our hearts with spiritual powers, with faith and hope, kindness and patience. All world religions teach peace and tolerance.

            Today, the Orthodox religious community, along with other traditional confessions in Kazakhstan, helps strengthen peace and harmony in a large and happy family of Kazakhstan.

            We live in peace and spiritual harmony, mutually enriching our culture, spirituality and morality. We faithfully preserve and strengthen this tradition. This is the uniqueness of our country and the world community recognizes this fact. Owing to this, we will soon hold the fourth congress of world and traditional religions' leaders.

            In this joyful holiday I wish you all peace, happiness and prosperity!

            Happy holidays to you, dear compatriots!

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