Negotiations on Kazakhstan's WTO accession to complete by late 2012

ASTANA. August 4. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan's accession to the World Trade Organization is one of the most important priorities of our country. The main bilateral negotiations with the Organization member states were held in 2012, according to

As the Ministry for Economic Integration of Kazakhstan reports, the process of bilateral and multilateral negotiations on Kazakhstan's WTO accession will be completed by the end of 2012.

The work conducted in the first half of the year resulted in signing Protocols on completion of bilateral negotiations on Kazakhstan's joining the Organization with Argentine and Saudi Arabia.

To date, Kazakhstan completed bilateral negotiations on access to the commodity and services market with all the WTO member states interested in access to Kazakhstani market. These are Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Pakistan, Turkey, China, Korea, Oman, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, Norway, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, India, Ecuador, Republic of El Salvador, the USA, EU, Guatemala, Argentine, Saudi Arabia.

Besides, it is planned to complete negotiations with some of the members of the working group on Kazakhstan's WTO accession by October 2012 taking into consideration the necessity of adjustment of charges for goods connected with the commitments within the Customs Union.

Besides, the negotiations with the European Union on export customs duties of Kazakhstan as for sensitive items for the EU within the framework of Kazakhstan's WTO accession near completion.

It is worth noting that negotiations on the state support measures for agriculture are held during the period from May to September. Multilateral talks will be completed and a final version of a draft Report of the working group on Kazakhstan's WTO accession will be developed by November 2012. The package of signed documents is to be ratified later.

As earlier reported, the 11th session of the working group in Kazakhstan's WTO accession was held in Geneva in April 2012. The draft final document describing the trade and economic regime of Kazakhstan and outlining conditions and commitments of our country as a WTO member was discussed at the session.

As the Ministry for Economic Integration reports, the members of the working group familiarized with the recent amendments to Kazakhstani legislation and plans of legal reforms aimed at bringing the legislation into compliance with the rules of the WTO at that session.

The negotiations are held on the basis of the priorities of economic development of the country taking into consideration the processing industry, the Ministry informs.


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