Netflix makes movie about Kyrgyz national game kok boru

BISHKEK. KAZINFORM - Netflix made a film about the Kyrgyz national game - kok boru. Trailer called Home Game is published on the company's website.

According to KABAR NEWS, the world-known streaming service has prepared a documentary show about unique and dangerous traditional sports of different countries, including goat dragging game.

Video shows some moments of the Kyrgyz game and a short interview with kok boru player in Kyrgyz language.

According to announcement, the Episode 1 will be released June 26.

From voodoo wrestling in the Congo to roller derby in Texas, this eight episode documentary series explores unusual and thrilling sports traditions around the world.

Trailer is available at

Kok boru, a traditional horse game, is a synthesis of traditional practices, performances and the game itself. It is a traditional game played by two teams on horseback, where players try to manoeuvre with a goat’s carcass (replaced with a mould in modern-day games), or ‘ulak’, and score by putting it into the opponents’ goal, reports.

This equestrian game is very popular in the region due to its spectacularity and toughness.

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