New hydrogeological service to monitor groundwater in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Government
Photo credit: Kazakh Prime Minister's press service

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov signed a Government resolution on the creation of the national hydrogeological service Kazhydrogeology, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports, citing prime minister’s press service.

It is planned that the new service will actively conduct a complete inventory of deposits and areas of groundwater, as well as hydrogeological water intake wells. This process will lead to the formation of an extensive database covering more than 4,300 explored deposits and groundwater areas, whose operational reserves will be included in the state balance.

Kazhydrogeology will digitalize the hydrogeological industry and introduce an automated groundwater monitoring system.

It is also planned to increase the volume of available underground water resources in scarce regions of Kazakhstan, providing the population and economic sectors with water for irrigation through prospecting and exploration work.

Additionally, work on the search and exploration of groundwater will be licensed, including drilling hydrogeological wells, as well as the use of geothermal resources in thermal power engineering, greenhouses and fish farms. These measures contribute to the effective management of water resources at all levels.

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