New image cast voting machines to be used for 2024 parliamentary election in Mongolia

Photo: Montsame

 A resolution on the use of voting equipment for the 2024 parliamentary elections was approved at the State Great Khural session, which took place on December 21, 2023, MONTSAME reports. 

Concerning the Law of the Automated Electoral System and the Law on the State Great Khural of Mongolia, the draft resolution reflects that New Image Cast voting machines are to be used for voting, vote counting, and reporting results in the regular parliamentary elections.

The General Election Committee (GEC) maintains and runs the voting machines. The Chairman of the GEC stated that a working group in charge of monitoring the voting equipment software will be comprised of intelligence and police officers and the equipment is secured under guard. He also highlighted that as it is regulated, the intelligence, police, and professional organizations monitor the processes before and after election day as well as a pilot testing is done before an election to exclude any external influence.

The draft resolution was approved by 55.6 percent of the State Great Khural members, attending the Session.

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