New movie on Bolashak Programme inspires patriotism among youth

ASTANA. March 20. KAZINFORM The national cinematography needs to continue to produce films for young people promoting the desire for learning, friendship, love, mutual support, and work for our homeland, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said after watching the film "For the Sake of the Future" that premiered in Astana on March 14.

The movie tells about the lives of several graduates of the Bolashak (Future) International Scholarship Programme, established by Nursultan Nazarbayev in 1993, Astana Calling reads.

The story of the lives of the main characters develops against the background of the formation of the newly independent Kazakhstan. The young people leave the country to study at leading international universities in the 1990s. Their personalities begin revealing during the university years already: while some study conscientiously, knowing not everyone gets a chance to receive such scholarship, others, among whom are children of rich parents, waste their time and money.

Each of the characters has its own story - some find love, overcoming difficulties, and some give up when faced with first challenges. Yet the main events take place on the return of the young professionals. As they try to build their lives, they are once again brought together to support each other, as well as fight for a newborn's life.

The film inspires individuals to live and work for the good of society, Nazarbayev said speaking to the actors after the premiere. While modern movies often promote the development of an individual, this movie shows that an individual's work and life should contribute to the well-being of others, too.

"We want to promote [the importance of] serving the community. That is, the desire for knowledge, friendship, true love, support, and work for the country, for one's homeland, this is what we want to see," Nazarbayev said to young people, mainly Bolashak graduates, who came to the premiere.

According to the Deputy Head of Presidential Administration and Chairman of the Bolashak Association, who was also the film consultant, Baurzhan Baibek, the film is based on real events, as the plot revolves around the real lives of the Bolashak graduates. Every character has a real prototype, according to the national daily Kazpravda, which published an interview with Baibek on March 14.

"The idea of the film belongs to the Kazakhfilm Company, which decided to show the formation of young personalities against the background of that of the state," Baibek said.

"Indeed, during the past twenty years, the country has been through many complications and moments of crisis, but the President has always recognised the importance of investing in quality education. The Bolashak programme was established in spite of the difficulties of the transition period, through which young people from all over Kazakhstan, people from ordinary families, received a unique opportunity to study at top universities around the world. Today, they contribute to the development and prosperity of our home country," Baibek said.

The film was shot in record short time - within 10 months since writing the script, director Yerlan Saginov said after the premiere.

"We made the movie in order for people to know more about the Bolashak programme and understand it. Before writing the script, I contacted the Bolashak Association, which helped me meet graduates. I met 30 Bolashak graduates and learned their stories. What struck me is their true love for our country," Saginov said. He also said the film was his debut as a director.

Filming took place in different cities in Kazakhstan, as well as in Berlin and Paris. The script was written by Yerlan Saginov, Gaziz Nasyrov, and Margarita Lenskaya.

The film starred young actors Adil Akhmetov, Eldar Otarbayev, Ainara Rysdauletova, Marlen Zhumakov, Gabit Mustafa, and Andrei Marychev.



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