New way of planting gardens introduced in South Kazakhstan

SHYMKENT. July 19. KAZINFORM - South Kazakhstan is introducing a new technology of intensive and semi-intensive gardens. The experiment is being carried out by farmers of Sairam district.

On five acres of land here there is a garden of dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees. Their growth is being observed by specialists from the Southwest Research Institute of livestock and crop production. Professionals and businessmen have taken a special one-week training in Turkey, organized by socio-entrepreneurial corporation named "Shymkent" in accordance with the request of the President.

Intensive garden can increase productivity. If in ordinary gardens on one hectare one farmer plants 500 trees, then in the intense ones one can seat 2,500 seedlings. Planting trees in intensive orchards is very dense, thereby it reduces the cost and increases productivity.

Note: The experiment of Sairam district farmers has already made interested their colleagues from other areas of South Kazakhstan.

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