No building destroyed by quake in Almaty - Minister Sharipkhanov

No building destroyed by quake in Almaty - Minister Sharipkhanov  A
Photo credit: Alexander Pavskiy/ Kazinform

At today’s meeting of the Cabinet, Minister of Emergencies Syrym Sharipkhanov reported on the seismic situation in Almaty, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The quake occurred on January 23, at 00:00 am 264 kilometers to the southeast of Almaty, on the Chinese-Kyrgyz border. As of 7:00 am, the country saw three seismic events with the maximum perceptibility in Almaty recorded at 5, in Shymkent - at 2, in Zhambyl region – at 2-3 and in Zhetysu region – at 4. As per preliminary data, no serious damages were reported, Syrym Sharipkhanov said.

In his words, the Ministry has set up the republican operational headquarters, and a hotline service with psychological support was launched  

The Seismic Forecasting Commission predicts no powerful and destructive earthquake in Almaty, he added.

The Minister urged the residents of regions not to give in to panic and trust only official sources.

The buildings in regions including hydrotechnical facilities are being checked now for possible damages, he added.

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