‘No signs of Iranian President's helicopter’s occupants being alive’: Red Crescent

‘No signs of helicopter’s occupants being alive’: Red Crescent
Photo credit: Al Jazeera

Iranian President Raisi and the officials accompanying him are feared dead after the Red Crescent says it has found “no signs of the helicopter’s occupants being alive” at the crash site, Al Jazeera reports.

According to IRNA, the president of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has confirmed that rescue and search teams have identified President Ebrahim Raisi’s crashed chopper and are now heading to the site.

Speaking to the Iranian media on Monday morning, Pir-Hossein Kolivand did not give further detail but said “the condition is not good”.

Earlier, the Red Crescent’s National Emergency Management Headquarters announced that its rescue teams have moved to the 2 identified hot spots identified by a Turkish drone.

“Red Crescent rescue teams are moving towards the possible landing place of the helicopter”, it said after Turkey's high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle named Akinji detected a hot spot that probably belongs to the place where the helicopter crashed.

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