No summit on Sunday if Greece aid deal agreed at Saturday's Eurogroup meeting

BRUSSELS. KAZINFORM - There won't be a summit on Sunday if a deal on aid for Greece is reached at Saturday's Eurogroup meeting, a European official said at a briefing on Friday.

A senior EU official said a list of proposed "prior actions" from Greece was received by the Eurogroup on Thursday night and the European institutions have access to it.

"On 10 a.m. Saturday (0800 GMT), the Euro working group will look at the assessment of the institutions about the prior actions to see if conditions are met," the official said.

He added that if Saturday's Eurogroup meeting led to an agreement there would be no summit on Sunday, and if no agreement, the consequences were "quite clear".

The official also said that bridge financing for Greece would also be discussed if the aid program was agreed upon at the Eurogroup meeting.

Greece submitted its formal request to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) on Wednesday, asking for a three-year loan from the bailout fund. The financially-troubled country then submitted detailed reform proposals to Eurogroup on Thursday night, aiming to avoid a possible Greek default and "Grexit."

EU leaders have set Sunday as the other deadline for the month-long deadlocked Greek debt talks and warned that Greece may have to quit the currency zone if relevant parties fail to reach an agreement, Kazinform refers to

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