North Kazakhstan to finish harvesting campaign next week

North Kazakhstan to finish harvesting campaign next week
Photo: KazInform

Farmers in North Kazakhstan region harvested grain crops on 1.8 million hectares of land or 53% of the total area, and threshed 1.9 million tons of grain. Crop yield is estimated at 10.5 c/ha, Kazinform reports.

According to First Deputy Governor Marat Tasmagambetov, grain moisture content is high this year. “Farmers need more than 10,000 tons of cheap fuel and lubricants for grain drying,” he said and added that harvesting campaign is set to be completed next week.

In September, the level of precipitation in the region reached 45mm, which is 158% of the monthly norm. Today the region enjoys dry and sunny weather with daytime temperature rising to 18-20°C.

As the regional agriculture department informed, 317 grain dryers with the daily capacity of 240,000 tons, are operating in the region.

More than 500,000 tons were delivered to the elevators, including 325,000 tons of 3rd class wheat.

A working group monitors the harvesting campaign in the region.