Nur-Sultan registers 150 new COVID-19 cases per day on average

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – The Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan, has been registering 150 new COVID-19 cases per day on average for the past week, Head of the Healthcare Department of the city Saule Kissikova revealed Thursday, Kazinform reports.

While speaking at the online briefing of the Central Communications Service Ms Kissikova said 3,546 cases of the coronavirus infection had been registered in the Kazakh capital as of June 24, 2020.

«On average, 150 new COVID-19 cases have been registered daily for the past seven days. Of those, 50% are symptom-free. 2,577 patients or 73% have been discharged from hospitals after full recovery,» she stated.

At least 28,000 residents of the city, according to Kissikova, have sought medical advice over the past week. First-aid facilities in Nur-Sultan have received 4,500 calls from residents over the past day alone.

All outpatient clinics and medical facilities in the city have temporarily suspended services.

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