One pupil killed in school shooting in Finland

Photo credit: Pixabay

One school pupil was killed and two injured in a school shooting near Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday. The police confirmed the fatality at a press conference in early afternoon, Xinhua reports. 

A suspect was later detained by the police near the school.

The perished pupil, the injured and the suspect were all 12-year-old pupils of the Viertola school, the police said.

The pupil suspect was detained by the police within an hour of the event in an area close to the school.

When the suspect was detained, he was in possession of a hand gun, police said. The detention took place without incident.

Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and other ministers expressed their shock about the event.

The Viertola school in the city of Vantaa serves 800 pupils and has a staff of 90, local authorities said.

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