Opposition continues unauthorized actions in Minsk

MINSK. December 22. KAZINFORM Opposition continued unauthorized actions in Minsk on Tuesday; Kazinform refers to Itar-Tass.

Several dozens of people gathered near the city detention center where many opposition members taking part in the unrest in Minsk on December 19-20 were put. They said it was an action of solidarity.

The action was initiated by former presidential candidate of the Belarusian Popular Front Grigory Kostusev and leader of the movement For Freedom Alexander Milinkevich, who took part in the presidential election in 2006.

Milinkevich said it was necessary to provide moral and material support to families of the detainees. He also said he would ask the leaders of EU member states for expressing their solidarity with the detained opposition members.

Police told the action participants that their conduct was illegal, and Kostusev, Milinkevich and the majority of other activists left the place. The newspaper Nasha Niva said that a young opposition member was detained.

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