Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas Holiday today

ALMATY. January 7. KAZINFORM /Yelena Ilinskaya/ Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas Holiday today. Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan Alexander held special church service in the Holy Ascension Cathedral of Almaty tonight.

Christmas Holiday is one of the main Christian holidays celebrated in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. At this day in Bethlehem a Divine Infant was born, Son of God. He was born in the cave outside the town.

The first visitors of Divine Infant were shepherds who had been told about the birth of Son of God by the angel.

At magi (wise men) were coming to a newly born king of peace with gifts.

All the gifts were meaningful. These were gold, frankincense and myrrh - gold was brought as for King, frankincense as for God, myrrh as for a human who were to die.

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