Over 1.3 thou tons of flowers imported in Kazakhstan ahead of Int’l Women’s Day

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Over 1.3 thousand tons of flowers or 24.6 million buds worth $9.5 million were imported to Kazakhstan in January-February this year as the country prepares to mark the International Women’s Day on March 8, Kazinform has learnt from the State Revenue Committee of the country.

Of the total volume of flowers imported in the country in the said period roses accounted for 799 tons (18 million buds to the tune of $5.8mln). The second most popular flower was mums (134 tons or 2.4mln buds worth $1.3mln). 31 tons of cloves (922.7 thousand buds) to the tune of $161 thousand were imported in the country in January-February 2023.

The country also imported 35 tons of lilies worth $192 thousand. Tulips, baby's breath, phoenix, iris, hortensia, and others accounted for the remaining 376.8 tons.

769 tons of the flowers were imported from Ecuador, 268 tons from the Netherlands, 137 tons from Colombia, 108 tons from Kenya, 16 tons from Israel, 14 tons from Uzbekistan, 13 tons from China, and six tons from Turkiye.

Last year, Kazakhstan imported 6,690 tons of flowers to the tune of $46.7 million.

In January-February last year, the country imported over one thousand tons of flowers or 20.7 million buds worth $8.3 million.

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