Over 13,000 ethnic Kazakhs returned to Kazakhstan since Jan 2022

ASTANA. KAZINFORM 13,362 ethnic Kazakhs have returned to the historical motherland and got the status of kandas as of October 1, 2022, the press service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection reported.

Kandas are ethnic Kazakhs and (or) members of their families of Kazakh nationality, who have not previously held citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who arrived in their historical homeland and received the appropriate status in the manner prescribed by the law.

A total of 1,101,200 ethnic Kazakhs have returned to Kazakhstan since 1991.

More than half of the compatriots who have arrived in Kazakhstan this year are from Uzbekistan (68.7%). 10% came from China, 7.9% - from Turkmenistan, 4.6% from Mongolia and 8.8% are from other countries.

The majority of repatriates settled in Almaty region (29.9%), Mangystau region (16.7%), Turkistan region (9%) and Zhambyl region (6.5%), as well as in Astana (7.8%), Shymkent (7.3%) and Almaty cities (5.8%).

As of October 1, 2022, the share of repatriates of employable age made 58.7%. 27.5% are under 16 and 13.7% are pensioners.

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