Over 14,000 foreigners work in Kazakhstan

Over 14,000 foreigners work in Kazakhstan
Photo credit: Kazakh Labor and Social Protection Ministry

As of June 1, 2024, some 13,937 foreign nationals hold work permits by local executive bodies allowing them to legally work in Kazakhstan, Kazinform News Agency cites the Kazakh Labor and Special Protection Ministry’s press service.

Currently, there are 1,789 employers attracting foreign labor in Kazakhstan. Over 443,400 Kazakh citizens that is 99.2% of the total employees work for them.

The highest number of foreign employees is engaged in the construction sector with 4,403 people, 1,817 in agriculture, forestry, and fishery, 1,684 in administrative and support services, 1,387 in the mining industry, and 1,275 in manufacturing.

Most of the labor migrants arrived from China with 3,938 people, 1,919 from Uzbekistan, 1,145 from India, and 1,101 from Türkiye.

In order to protect the domestic labor market the Labor and Special Protection Ministry annually establishes and distributes a quota for attracting foreign specialists to the republic. For 2024, the total quota is set at 0.23% of the labor force in the republic, or 22 jobs.

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