Over 200 Kazakh athletes to compete in V World Nomad Games

Over 200 Kazakh athletes to compete in V World Nomad Games
Photo credit: Maxat Shagyrbayev/Kazinform

As part of the SCO summit, Vice Minister of Tourism and Sport Serik Zharasbayev had a meeting with foreign guests in Qazaqstan track-and-field arena to familiarize them with the upcoming V World Nomad Games slated for September.

The Vice Minister said that the national team is actively preparing to compete in 11 sports, with more than 30 training camps and qualifying tournaments held.

"Over 200 athletes from the national team are currently preparing to take part in the Nomad Games. The event will feature competitions in 21 sports. Of them, 11 are national sports and 10 are other countries’ sports. These include Kyrgyz and Uzbek wrestling, as well as the Mancala board game widely played in Africa, which is similar to Kazakh Togyz Kumalak,” Serik Zharasbayev said.

The V World Nomad Games will be held in Astana on September 8-13. The program includes horse races, national wrestling, traditional intellectual games, competitions in martial arts, archery, and national bird hunting.

Earlier, Vice Minister stated that delegations from 89 countries had confirmed their participation in the Games.

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