Over 28,000 foreign students study at universities in Kyrgyzstan

Over 28,000 foreign students study at universities in Kyrgyzstan
Photo credit: Alexander Pavskiy/ Kazinform

Today, 28 thousand 800 foreign students are studying in higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic Rasul Abazbek uulu told today reporters at Kabar Agency.

He said that most of them are students from India and Pakistan. “Most students from other countries come to Kyrgyzstan and study medicine. We graduate doctors and first-class doctors. Kyrgyzstan is something of an education hub for foreign students. There is a lot of competition in the field of education in the world, many countries can offer their services, and they come to us. This means that studying in Kyrgyzstan is prestigious for them,” the deputy minister said and noted that this reputation had been built over many years.

He noted that foreign students, to some extent, are investors. “They pay 3 thousand US dollars for education. Students study, live here and use all services: taxi, canteen, hairdresser and leave money in our country. They leave approximately 12 to 16 billion soms in the country per year. Thus, they contribute to the country’s economy,” Rasul Abazbek uulu said.

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