Over 40 settlements face risk of flooding in Zhambyl region

Over 40 settlements face  risk of flooding in Zhambyl region
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Zhambyl region is preparing for spring flooding, as the meteorological service predicts temperatures increase and possible intense snowmelt, Kazinform News Agency reports.

According to Kazhydromet, average temperatures in March here are expected to be 1°C above normal, with above-average precipitation forecast across the region.

Local emergencies department says, the risk of flooding in the region is estimated as medium.

The maximum depth of soil freezing at 30 centimeters is observed in Moiynkum district. Other nine districts reported less than 5 centimeters of soil freezing depth. The maximum level of snow cover up to 20 centimeters is observed in Korday district, and 15 centimeter in Zhualy district. As for other parts, snow reserves do not exceed 5-8 centimeters, Darkhan Zhaparov, chief specialist of the emergencies department, says.

In his words, flooding of settlements and infrastructure in Zhambyl region may be caused by increased water levels in Shu, Talas, Asa rivers as well as snowmelt and rainwater in the foothills. 42 settlements of the region are at risk of flooding. They are two settlements in Moiynkum district, three villages in Sarysu district, four settlements in Zhambyl, Shu, Merke, Talas and Zhualy districts each, five villages in Korday district, six villages in Ryskulov and Baizak districts each. Tekturmas residential area in Taraz may also face flooding risk. 

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