Over 40 settlements in Zhambyl region at risk of flooding

water reservoir in Zhambyl region
Photo credit: Galina Skripnik/Kazinform

Over 40 settlements in Zhambyl region are at risk of flooding. Mobile groups and equipment are prepared in advance before flooding strikes. Low-lying areas are being monitored for potential flood risks within 24 hours, Kazinform News Agency reports.

Minor flooding was reported earlier in the city of Taraz.

water reservoir
Photo credit: Galina Skripnik/Kazinform

Deputy governor of Zhambyl region Kanatbek Madibek said the Kirov water reservoir in the territory of Kyrgyzstan has a capacity of 550 million cubic meters. It has accumulated some 420 million cubic meters of water so far. The Ters-Ashchibulak reservoir with a capacity of 158 million cubic meters has accumulated 123 million cubic meters. The situation at water reservoirs and the region is monitored day and night.

1,459 people, 364 units of special machinery, 135 motor pumps, 19 floating crafts, 6,900 tons of inert material, and 16.1 tons of fuel are prepared in advance amid flood risks. 396 temporary evacuation sites in case of flood will open throughout the region. 1,739 km of channels, 1,794 km of irrigation canals, 428 km of drainage system, and 946 discharge facilities were cleared.

As earlier reported, Zhambyl region is referred to as a medium-risk flood area.

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