Over 600,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine arrived in N Kazakhstan

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM Sanitary doctors and health professionals in North Kazakhstan are concerned over a decrease in vaccination rates and an increase in coronavirus infections, Kazinform reports.

«Only 200-300 people are vaccinated daily against coronavirus infection in the region which affects the epidemiological situation. He compared vaccination efforts of North Kazakhstan with Turkestan region and Shymkent vaccination campaign high rates. These regions eased coronavirus restrictions as they curbed COVID-19 spread. They reached the vaccination targets set by September 30. The regions are in the ‘green zone’ as of now, while North Kazakhstan is still in the ‘red zone’. Restrictions were toughened starting from October 9 in North Kazakhstan.

Sanitary doctors warned if epidemiological situation is getting worse the region will impose lockdown.

As per October 15, 246,330 people or 66% of eligible population were administered the 1st shot of the coronavirus vaccine, while 227,854 or 61% fully completed the vaccination cycle. To reach herd immunity it is essential to vaccinate 374,000 locals,» deputy head of the healthcare department Kumar Kusemisov said.

As stated there 302,253 doses of the 1st component and 296,235 doses of the 2nd were delivered to the region. Vaccination public awareness raising campaign is underway.

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