Over 778,000 get COVID-19 vaccine in Almaty rgn

TALDYKORGAN. KAZINFORM 778,506 people were given the 1st shot of the vaccine against coronavirus, while 697,557 the 2nd one in Almaty region, Kazinform reports.

Since the beginning of the year 864,658 doses of the 1st component and 854,815 doses of the 2nd component were delivered to the region. As of October 14, 778,506 people or 65% were administered the 1st shot of the coronavirus vaccine, 697,557 or 58% the 2nd shot, the sanitary and epidemiological control department reports.

As of today the region confirmed 53,277 coronavirus cases, including 39,279 symptomatic cases. The most cases were recorded in Alakol, Balkhash districts.

Over the past 24 hours there were recorded 142 coronavirus cases, including 130 symptomatic and 12 asymptomatic. Out of which 24 are children under 14.

As earlier reported, some 4,000 pupils are put under quarantine in the region.

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