Over 800 natural disasters occurred in Tajikistan in 2023

natural disasters
Photo credit: Khovar

Monitoring the results of hydrometeorological observations shows that in 2023, only 804 natural disasters occurred in Tajikistan, which is 4 cases more than in 2022. This was stated today during a press conference of the Committee for Environmental Protection, Khovar reports.

The accuracy of severe weather forecasts for this period is 80%, which is 6% more than in 2022, including 314 avalanches and 127 mudflows.

In order to prevent and protect the country’s economic sectors from natural disasters, 93 warnings lasting 184 days were given about avalanches, mudflows, heavy rains, strong gusts of wind, hail, snow, thunderstorms, increased air temperatures, air pollution and deterioration of visibility in various regions of the country, which is 34 days more than the same period in 2022.

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