Paintings of Russian artists presented to National Museum of Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The paintings of Russian artists Latif Kazbekov and Alexey Talaschuk have been presented to the National Museum of Kazakhstan today.

As earlier reported, the exhibition of the graphical works had been held in the National Museum for more than a month. The exhibition featured over 30 works of Latif Kazbekov, which were created by means of a new unique technology and with the use of natural colors and 36 paintings of Alexey Talaschuk. "What is most important for a painter? Obviously, it is a teacher and a school. A teacher in the process of development of an artist is the most important. We all have to remember our teachers," A. Talaschuk said at the rountable in the National Museum of Kazakhstan. A.Talaschuk works in all styles of the paining art. The paintings he creates feature the Russian painting style peculiar to the early 20th century. The key-note of his creations is a spiritual search of a contemporary man through the paradigm of ancient civilizations. L. Kazbekov also presented his works to the museum. He was born in Kazakhstan. He is also a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Contemporary Art. He was an illustrator of more than a hundred books.

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