Paris 2024 Olympics: Ticket sales and prices - from affordable to exclusive

Paris Olympic Games
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The Paris Olympic Games are set to commence on July 26. Out of the roughly 10 million tickets issued for the various events, 45% were priced under 100 euros. While many tickets are already sold out, new tickets are released weekly on the official website, according a Kazinfrom News Agency correspondent, citing

Ticket prices vary depending on the event and the specific location. The average ticket costs 101 euros (about 49,908.14 tenge according to the National Bank of Kazakhstan’s exchange rate on June 20). The lowest fares were for golf, averaging 24 euros (11,859.36 tenge), and the most expensive were for track and field, averaging 224 euros (110,687.36 tenge).

Average ticket prices by sport:

  • Golf — 24 euros (11,859.36 tenge)
  • Soccer — 32 euros (15,812.48 tenge)
  • Rugby-7 — 63 euros (31,130.82 tenge)
  • Water polo — 66 euros (32,613.24 tenge)
  • Rowing — 90 euros (44,472.6 tenge)
  • Boxing — 100 euros (49,414 tenge)
  • Canoe sprint — 108 euros (53,367.12 tenge)
  • Handball — 121 euros (59,790.94 tenge)
  • Weightlifting — 125 euros (61,767.5 tenge)
  • Canoe slalom — 132 euros (65,226.48 tenge)
  • Taekwondo — 134 euros (66,214.76 tenge)
  • Basketball — 159 euros (78,568.26 tenge)
  • Track and field — 224 euros (110,687.36 tenge)

The most expensive tickets are sold for the opening ceremony. While prices start at 90 euros, the cheapest available ticket on June 20 costs 2700 euros (1,334,178 tenge).

Additionally, there are so-called “hospitality” or “tourist” packages. These VIP tickets include access to exclusive lounges with refreshments, personal support, and hotel accommodations. They range from 495 euros (244,599.3 tenge) to 3750 euros (1,853,025 tenge) and above, as reported by NerdWallet.

Tickets will appear on the Olympics website every Thursday until the start of the Olympics. According to Sportspromedia, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee plans to earn about 1.4 billion euros from ticket sales for the Olympic Games.

Worth mentioning, that not every sport requires a ticket. For example, you could stand along the Olympic Marathon route, which weaves past spots like Hôtel de Ville (Paris’s city hall) and the Seine, for free. Even for a spot at the finish line stands, tickets are relatively affordable, starting at 24 euros (about $26).

Also you can visit roughly 30 fan zones or “celebrations zone”. These free-to-visit venues at major sites around Paris will include giant screens streaming the events. Many are just outside the stadiums.

Fans can also buy tickets for the Paralympic Games: These ticket prices are generally far lower. The least expensive tickets start at 15 euros (about 7,500 tenge).

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